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 Contact:Mr Huang


 Before you contact us, kindly check the following FAQ:

Q) Can I request for free trial tips before I purchase?

A) To be fair to all our respected paying members, we are unable to offer any free trial tips.

Q) Do you offer any discounts for new members?

A) As our prices are already very reasonable in the market, we are unable to offer further discounts.

Q) Do you offer any monthly memberships?

A) Yes! Due to popular demand from our loyal members, we offer highly discounted monthly memberships, where members can receive both our tips services for a period of 30 days. 

Q) If tips draw or lose, do I get any free tips replacements?

A) We offer exclusive & unmatched 2 free tips replacement guarantee.

Q) What time can I receive the tips on match days?

A) Latest 1 hour before match starts, or by 22:00  (Macao time GMT+8) for after-midnight matches.

Q) How do I receive the tips after making payments?

A) We deliver all tips by sms /email on all match days.


Still cannot find the answers, or you require further support, kindly contact us: 

Our customer service support representative are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year!




















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